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Making organizational software easier to find in ASCL and ADS

by   Alice Allen, et al.

Software is the most used instrument in astronomy, and organizations such as NASA and the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Physics (HITS) fund, develop, and release research software. NASA, for example, has created sites such as to share its software with the world, but how easy is it to see what NASA has? Until recently, searching NASA's Astrophysics Data System (ADS) for NASA astronomy research software has not been fruitful. Through its ADAP program, NASA funded the Astrophysics Source Code Library to improve the discoverability of these codes. Adding institutional tags to ASCL entries makes it easy to find this software not only in the ASCL but also in ADS and other services that index the ASCL. This presentation covered the changes the ASCL made as a result of this funding and how you can use the results of this work to better find organizational software in ASCL and ADS.


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