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MagGlove: A Haptic Glove with Movable Magnetic Force for Manipulation Learning

by   Mikiya Kusunoki, et al.

Recently, haptic gloves have been extensively explored for various practical applications, such as manipulation learning. Previous glove devices have different force-driven systems, such as shape memory alloys, servo motors and pneumatic actuators; however, these proposed devices may have difficulty in fast finger movement, easy reproduction, and safety issues. In this study, we propose MagGlove, a novel haptic glove with a movable magnet mechanism that has a linear motor, to solve these issues. The proposed MagGlove device is a compact system on the back of the wearer's hand with high responsiveness, ease of use, and good safety. The proposed device is adaptive with the modification of the magnitude of the current flowing through the coil. Based on our evaluation study, it is verified that the proposed device can achieve finger motion in the given tasks. Therefore, MagGlove can provide flexible support tailored to the wearers' learning levels in manipulation learning tasks.


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