Machine Learning Modeling to Evaluate the Value of Football Players

by   Chenyao Li, et al.

In most sports, especially football, most coaches and analysts search for key performance indicators using notational analysis. This method utilizes a statistical summary of events based on video footage and numerical records of goal scores. Unfortunately, this approach is now obsolete owing to the continuous evolutionary increase in technology that simplifies the analysis of more complex process variables through machine learning (ML). Machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), uses algorithms to detect meaningful patterns and define a structure based on positional data. This research investigates a new method to evaluate the value of current football players, based on establishing the machine learning models to investigate the relations among the various features of players, the salary of players, and the market value of players. The data of the football players used for this project is from several football websites. The data on the salary of football players will be the proxy for evaluating the value of players, and other features will be used to establish and train the ML model for predicting the suitable salary for the players. The motivation is to explore what are the relations between different features of football players and their salaries - how each feature affects their salaries, or which are the most important features to affect the salary? Although many standards can reflect the value of football players, the salary of the players is one of the most intuitive and crucial indexes, so this study will use the salary of players as the proxy to evaluate their value. Moreover, many features of players can affect the valuation of the football players, but the value of players is mainly decided by three types of factors: basic characteristics, performance on the court, and achievements at the club.


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