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Low-power and Reliable Solid-state Drive with Inverted Limited Weight Coding

by   Armin Ahmadzadeh, et al.

In this work, we propose a novel coding scheme which based on the characteristics of NAND flash cells, generates codewords that reduce the energy consumption and improve the reliability of solid-state drives. This novel coding scheme, namely Inverted Limited Weight Coding (ILWC), favors a greater number of '1's appearing in its generated codewords at the cost of added information redundancy, as a form of flag bits. This increase in the number of bits valued as logical '1', in the generated codewords, will increase the number of cells that have lower threshold voltages. Through cells with lower threshold voltages, ILWC fruitfully reduces the SSD's program operation energy consumption. Moreover, it increases the SSD's data retention rate and reliability by decreasing the threshold voltage of the cells. The evaluation of our proposed coding method on three different SSDs, indicates more than 20 reduction in the SSD's program operation energy consumption. In addition, ILWC improves the cells' data retention rate by decreasing their intrinsic electric field by more than 18 diminished with the help of 35 shift in a cell's adjacent cells. All this leads to 5.3 cell error rate. In addition, ILWC achieves 37.5 performance of the SSD program operation.


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