Low-Overhead Coordination in Sub-28 Millimeter-Wave Networks

by   Hadi Ghauch, et al.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
The University of Kansas

In this paper, we present some contributions from our recent investigation. We address the open issue of interference coordination for sub-28 GHz millimeter-wave communication, by proposing fast-converging coordination algorithms, for dense multi-user multi-cell networks. We propose to optimize a lower bound on the network sum-rate, after investigating its tightness. The bound in question results in distributed optimization, requiring local information at each base station and user. We derive the optimal solution to the transmit and receive filter updates, that we dub non-homogeneous waterfilling, and show its convergence to a stationary point of the bound. We also underline a built-in mechanism to turn-off data streams with low-SINR, and allocate power to high-SNR streams. This "stream control" is a at the root of the fast-converging nature of the algorithm. Our numerical result conclude that low-overhead coordination offers large gains, for dense sub-28 GHz systems. These findings bear direct relevance to the ongoing discussions around 5G New Radio.


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