Low-order preconditioning of the Stokes equations

by   Alexey Voronin, et al.

Low-order finite-element discretizations are well-known to provide effective preconditioners for the linear systems that arise from higher-order discretizations of the Poisson equation. In this work, we show that high-quality preconditioners can also be derived for the Taylor-Hood discretization of the Stokes equations in much the same manner. In particular, we investigate the use of geometric multigrid based on the ℚ_1isoℚ_2/ ℚ_1 discretization of the Stokes operator as a preconditioner for the ℚ_2/ℚ_1 discretization of the Stokes system. We utilize local Fourier analysis to optimize the damping parameters for Vanka and Braess-Sarazin relaxation schemes and to achieve robust convergence. These results are then verified and compared against the measured multigrid performance. While geometric multigrid can be applied directly to the ℚ_2/ℚ_1 system, our ultimate motivation is to apply algebraic multigrid within solvers for ℚ_2/ℚ_1 systems via the ℚ_1isoℚ_2/ ℚ_1 discretization, which will be considered in a companion paper.



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