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Low-Dose CT with a Residual Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Neural Network (RED-CNN)

by   Hu Chen, et al.

Given the potential X-ray radiation risk to the patient, low-dose CT has attracted a considerable interest in the medical imaging field. The current main stream low-dose CT methods include vendor-specific sinogram domain filtration and iterative reconstruction, but they need to access original raw data whose formats are not transparent to most users. Due to the difficulty of modeling the statistical characteristics in the image domain, the existing methods for directly processing reconstructed images cannot eliminate image noise very well while keeping structural details. Inspired by the idea of deep learning, here we combine the autoencoder, the deconvolution network, and shortcut connections into the residual encoder-decoder convolutional neural network (RED-CNN) for low-dose CT imaging. After patch-based training, the proposed RED-CNN achieves a competitive performance relative to the-state-of-art methods in both simulated and clinical cases. Especially, our method has been favorably evaluated in terms of noise suppression, structural preservation and lesion detection.


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