Low-Complexity LSTM-Assisted Bit-Flipping Algorithm for Successive Cancellation List Polar Decoder

by   Chun-Hsiang Chen, et al.

Polar codes have attracted much attention in the past decade due to their capacity-achieving performance. The higher decoding capacity is required for 5G and beyond 5G (B5G). Although the cyclic redundancy check (CRC)- assisted successive cancellation list bit-flipping (CA-SCLF) decoders have been developed to obtain a better performance, the solution to error bit correction (bit-flipping) problem is still imperfect and hard to design. In this work, we leverage the expert knowledge in communication systems and adopt deep learning (DL) technique to obtain the better solution. A low-complexity long short-term memory network (LSTM)-assisted CA-SCLF decoder is proposed to further improve the performance of conventional CA-SCLF and avoid complexity and memory overhead. Our test results show that we can effectively improve the BLER performance by 0.11dB compared to prior work and reduce the complexity and memory overhead by over 30



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