Low complexity convolutional neural network for vessel segmentation in portable retinal diagnostic devices

by   M. Hajabdollahi, et al.

Retinal vessel information is helpful in retinal disease screening and diagnosis. Retinal vessel segmentation provides useful information about vessels and can be used by physicians during intraocular surgery and retinal diagnostic operations. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are powerful tools for classification and segmentation of medical images. Complexity of CNNs makes it difficult to implement them in portable devices such as binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes. In this paper a simplification approach is proposed for CNNs based on combination of quantization and pruning. Fully connected layers are quantized and convolutional layers are pruned to have a simple and efficient network structure. Experiments on images of the STARE dataset show that our simplified network is able to segment retinal vessels with acceptable accuracy and low complexity.



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