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Los perfiles de investigación y su implantación en la Universidad Publica de Navarra

This work aims to monitor and control the presence of UPNA research staff in the main research profiles platforms, not only in the most obvious ones such as Google Scholar Citation, Researcher ID, Scopus ID and ORCID, but also in other services that, in practice, they function as research profiles, such as Mendeley, Linkedin, ResearchGate, and Academica-e. We also find it interesting to analyze that presence and see how it responds to a variables, such as the department, gender, job category, research group. In this study we have excluded some platforms for different reasons. Dialnet profiles are entered from the UPNA library (BUPNA), which means that all those who meet the requirements for inclusion would be there, so their analysis does not make much sense, since it depends on factors outside the will of the researcher himself. The same is the case with the UPNA Scientific Production Portal (PPC): the data is entered from the Vicerrectorado de Investigación and should include all members of the UPNA PDI. Using as a base the census of university research staff provided by the Vicerrectorado de Investigación, it has been verified, for each author, the existence or not of a profile in the different services studied. The results have been tabulated in an Excel file to be able to analyze them later. The data has been collected in March 2018 for Orcid, ResearcherID, ScopusID, Google Scholar Citations and Mendeley. In November 2018, data from Academica-e,, ResearchGate and Linkedin were taken. For each of the profiles, a search by institutional affiliation was used, when possible, to obtain a first list of UPNA research personnel with that profile. Subsequently, a search was carried out, person by person, of the rest of the research staff that did not appear in that first list.


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