Loopy Cuts: Surface-Field Aware Block Decomposition for Hex-Meshing

by   Marco Livesu, et al.

We present a new fully automatic block-decomposition hexahedral meshing algorithm capable of producing high quality meshes that strictly preserve feature curve networks on the input surface and align with an input surface cross-field. We produce all-hex meshes on the vast majority of inputs, and introduce localized non-hex elements only when the surface feature network necessitates those. The input to our framework is a closed surface with a collection of geometric or user-demarcated feature curves and a feature-aligned surface cross-field. Its output is a compact set of blocks whose edges interpolate these features and are loosely aligned with this cross-field. We obtain this block decomposition by cutting the input model using a collection of simple cutting surfaces bounded by closed surface loops. The set of cutting loops spans the input feature curves, ensuring feature preservation, and is obtained using a field-space sampling process. The computed loops are uniformly distributed across the surface, cross orthogonally, and are loosely aligned with the cross-field directions, inducing the desired block decomposition. We validate our method by applying it to a large range of complex inputs and comparing our results to those produced by state-of-the-art alternatives. Contrary to prior approaches, our framework consistently produces high-quality field aligned meshes while strictly preserving geometric or user-specified surface features.


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