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Looking at Outfit to Parse Clothing

by   Pongsate Tangseng, et al.
Tohoku University
The University of Tokyo

This paper extends fully-convolutional neural networks (FCN) for the clothing parsing problem. Clothing parsing requires higher-level knowledge on clothing semantics and contextual cues to disambiguate fine-grained categories. We extend FCN architecture with a side-branch network which we refer outfit encoder to predict a consistent set of clothing labels to encourage combinatorial preference, and with conditional random field (CRF) to explicitly consider coherent label assignment to the given image. The empirical results using Fashionista and CFPD datasets show that our model achieves state-of-the-art performance in clothing parsing, without additional supervision during training. We also study the qualitative influence of annotation on the current clothing parsing benchmarks, with our Web-based tool for multi-scale pixel-wise annotation and manual refinement effort to the Fashionista dataset. Finally, we show that the image representation of the outfit encoder is useful for dress-up image retrieval application.


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Repository of my fashion-parsing project. This project is put on hold since I am doing another project now, but will debug if bugs are reported.

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