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Look, Read and Feel: Benchmarking Ads Understanding with Multimodal Multitask Learning

by   Huaizheng Zhang, et al.

Given the massive market of advertising and the sharply increasing online multimedia content (such as videos), it is now fashionable to promote advertisements (ads) together with the multimedia content. It is exhausted to find relevant ads to match the provided content manually, and hence, some automatic advertising techniques are developed. Since ads are usually hard to understand only according to its visual appearance due to the contained visual metaphor, some other modalities, such as the contained texts, should be exploited for understanding. To further improve user experience, it is necessary to understand both the topic and sentiment of the ads. This motivates us to develop a novel deep multimodal multitask framework to integrate multiple modalities to achieve effective topic and sentiment prediction simultaneously for ads understanding. In particular, our model first extracts multimodal information from ads and learn high-level and comparable representations. The visual metaphor of the ad is decoded in an unsupervised manner. The obtained representations are then fed into the proposed hierarchical multimodal attention modules to learn task-specific representations for final prediction. A multitask loss function is also designed to train both the topic and sentiment prediction models jointly in an end-to-end manner. We conduct extensive experiments on the latest and large advertisement dataset and achieve state-of-the-art performance for both prediction tasks. The obtained results could be utilized as a benchmark for ads understanding.


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