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Long-Short Ensemble Network for Bipolar Manic-Euthymic State Recognition Based on Wrist-worn Sensors

by   Ulysse Côté-Allard, et al.

Manic episodes of bipolar disorder can lead to uncritical behaviour and delusional psychosis, often with destructive consequences for those affected and their surroundings. Early detection and intervention of a manic episode are crucial to prevent escalation, hospital admission and premature death. However, people with bipolar disorder may not recognize that they are experiencing a manic episode and symptoms such as euphoria and increased productivity can also deter affected individuals from seeking help. This work proposes to perform user-independent, automatic mood-state detection based on actigraphy and electrodermal activity acquired from a wrist-worn device during mania and after recovery (euthymia). This paper proposes a new deep learning-based ensemble method leveraging long (20h) and short (5 minutes) time-intervals to discriminate between the mood-states. When tested on 47 bipolar patients, the proposed classification scheme achieves an average accuracy of 91.59 euthymic/manic mood-state recognition.


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