Long Range Wide Area Network: A Simulation Module for ns-3

by   Yifan Du, et al.

Long Range (LoRa) is a wireless communication technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), able to provide wide coverage networking to devices with low power consumption and low data-rate. This paper proposes and describes a simulation module of LoRa wireless networks, based on models of the LoRa physical and data-link layers, in order to enable simulation-based evaluation of LoRa performance in large-scale networks. The physical layer model uses path loss parameters estimated by way of real measurements performed at different scenarios. The data-link layer model relies on an Aloha-like medium access protocol. Both models for the physical and data-link layers are implemented in a NS3 module. Behavior and performance of this module are studied by way of a set of experiments that show the consistency of NS3 simulations and measurements on a real LoRa testbed. Finally, an evaluation of the simulation module scope shows that the time complexity of this module is exponential.



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