Logistic Ensemble Models

by   Bob Vanderheyden, et al.

Predictive models that are developed in a regulated industry or a regulated application, like determination of credit worthiness, must be interpretable and rational (e.g., meaningful improvements in basic credit behavior must result in improved credit worthiness scores). Machine Learning technologies provide very good performance with minimal analyst intervention, making them well suited to a high volume analytic environment, but the majority are black box tools that provide very limited insight or interpretability into key drivers of model performance or predicted model output values. This paper presents a methodology that blends one of the most popular predictive statistical modeling methods for binary classification with a core model enhancement strategy found in machine learning. The resulting prediction methodology provides solid performance, from minimal analyst effort, while providing the interpretability and rationality required in regulated industries, as well as in other environments where interpretation of model parameters is required (e.g. businesses that require interpretation of models, to take action on them).



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