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Location-aware Beam Alignment for mmWave Communications

by   Orikumhi Igbafe, et al.
Chalmers University of Technology

Beam alignment is required in millimeter wave communication to ensure high data rate transmission. However, with narrow beamwidth in massive MIMO, beam alignment could be computationally intensive due to the large number of beam pairs to be measured. In this paper, we propose an efficient beam alignment framework by exploiting the location information of the user equipment (UE) and potential reflecting points. The proposed scheme allows the UE and the base station to perform a coordinated beam search from a small set of beams within the error boundary of the location information, the selected beams are then used to guide the search of future beams. To further reduce the number of beams to be searched, we propose an intelligent search scheme within a small window of beams to determine the direction of the actual beam. The proposed beam alignment algorithm is verified on simulation with some location uncertainty.


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