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Localizing Open-Ontology QA Semantic Parsers in a Day Using Machine Translation

by   Mehrad Moradshahi, et al.

We propose Semantic Parser Localizer (SPL), a toolkit that leverages Neural Machine Translation (NMT) systems to localize a semantic parser for a new language. Our methodology is to (1) generate training data automatically in the target language by augmenting machine-translated datasets with local entities scraped from public websites, (2) add a few-shot boost of human-translated sentences and train a novel XLMR-LSTM semantic parser, and (3) test the model on natural utterances curated using human translators. We assess the effectiveness of our approach by extending the current capabilities of Schema2QA, a system for English Question Answering (QA) on the open web, to 10 new languages for the restaurants and hotels domains. Our models achieve an overall test accuracy ranging between 61 hotels domain and between 64 favorably to 69 data and a few examples from validation set. We show our approach outperforms the previous state-of-the-art methodology by more than 30 for restaurants with localized ontologies for the subset of languages tested. Our methodology enables any software developer to add a new language capability to a QA system for a new domain, leveraging machine translation, in less than 24 hours.


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