Localization of Fetal Head in Ultrasound Images by Multiscale View and Deep Neural Networks

11/03/2019 ∙ by Zahra Sobhaninia, et al. ∙ 0

One of the routine examinations that are used for prenatal care in many countries is ultrasound imaging. This procedure provides various information about fetus health and development, the progress of the pregnancy and, the baby's due date. Some of the biometric parameters of the fetus, like fetal head circumference (HC), must be measured to check the fetus's health and growth. In this paper, we investigated the effects of using multi-scale inputs in the network. We also propose a light convolutional neural network for automatic HC measurement. Experimental results on an ultrasound dataset of the fetus in different trimesters of pregnancy show that the segmentation accuracy and HC evaluations performed by a light convolutional neural network are comparable to deep convolutional neural networks. The proposed network has fewer parameters and requires less training time.



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