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Localization by Fusing a Group of Fingerprints via Multiple Antennas in Indoor Environment

by   Xiansheng Guo, et al.

Most existing fingerprints-based indoor localization approaches are based on some single fingerprints, such as received signal strength (RSS), channel impulse response (CIR), and signal subspace. However, the localization accuracy obtained by the single fingerprint approach is rather susceptible to the changing environment, multi-path, and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) propagation. Furthermore, building the fingerprints is a very time consuming process. In this paper, we propose a novel localization framework by Fusing A Group Of fingerprinTs (FAGOT) via multiple antennas for the indoor environment. We first build a GrOup Of Fingerprints (GOOF), which includes five different fingerprints, namely, RSS, covariance matrix, signal subspace, fractional low order moment, and fourth-order cumulant, which are obtained by different transformations of the received signals from multiple antennas in the offline stage. Then, we design a parallel GOOF multiple classifiers based on AdaBoost (GOOF-AdaBoost) to train each of these fingerprints in parallel as five strong multiple classifiers. In the online stage, we input the corresponding transformations of the real measurements into these strong classifiers to obtain independent decisions. Finally, we propose an efficient combination fusion algorithm, namely, MUltiple Classifiers mUltiple Samples (MUCUS) fusion algorithm to improve the accuracy of localization by combining the predictions of multiple classifiers with different samples. As compared with the single fingerprint approaches, the prediction probability of our proposed approach is improved significantly. The process for building fingerprints can also be reduced drastically. We demonstrate the feasibility and performance of the proposed algorithm through extensive simulations as well as via real experimental data using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) platform with four antennas.


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