Local-to-Global Panorama Inpainting for Locale-Aware Indoor Lighting Prediction

by   Jiayang Bai, et al.

Predicting panoramic indoor lighting from a single perspective image is a fundamental but highly ill-posed problem in computer vision and graphics. To achieve locale-aware and robust prediction, this problem can be decomposed into three sub-tasks: depth-based image warping, panorama inpainting and high-dynamic-range (HDR) reconstruction, among which the success of panorama inpainting plays a key role. Recent methods mostly rely on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to fill the missing contents in the warped panorama. However, they usually achieve suboptimal performance since the missing contents occupy a very large portion in the panoramic space while CNNs are plagued by limited receptive fields. The spatially-varying distortion in the spherical signals further increases the difficulty for conventional CNNs. To address these issues, we propose a local-to-global strategy for large-scale panorama inpainting. In our method, a depth-guided local inpainting is first applied on the warped panorama to fill small but dense holes. Then, a transformer-based network, dubbed PanoTransformer, is designed to hallucinate reasonable global structures in the large holes. To avoid distortion, we further employ cubemap projection in our design of PanoTransformer. The high-quality panorama recovered at any locale helps us to capture spatially-varying indoor illumination with physically-plausible global structures and fine details.


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