Local Patch Classification Based Framework for Single Image Super-Resolution

03/12/2017 ∙ by fcq, et al. ∙ 0

Recent learning-based super-resolution (SR) methods often focus on the dictionary learning or network training. In this paper, we detailedly discuss a new SR framework based on local classification instead of traditional dictionary learning. The proposed efficient and extendible SR framework is named as local patch classification (LPC) based framework. The LPC framework consists of a learning stage and a reconstructing stage. In the learning stage, image patches are classified into different classes by means of the proposed local patch encoding (LPE), and then a projection matrix is computed for each class by utilizing a simple constraint. In the reconstructing stage, an input LR patch can be simply reconstructed by computing its LPE code and then multiplying corresponding projection matrix. Furthermore, we establish the relationship between the proposed method and the anchored neighborhood regression based methods; and we also analyze the extendibility of the proposed framework. The experimental results on several image sets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework.



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