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Local Neighborhood Features for 3D Classification

by   Shivanand Venkanna Sheshappanavar, et al.
University of Delaware

With advances in deep learning model training strategies, the training of Point cloud classification methods is significantly improving. For example, PointNeXt, which adopts prominent training techniques and InvResNet layers into PointNet++, achieves over 7 dataset. However, most of these models use point coordinates features of neighborhood points mapped to higher dimensional space while ignoring the neighborhood point features computed before feeding to the network layers. In this paper, we revisit the PointNeXt model to study the usage and benefit of such neighborhood point features. We train and evaluate PointNeXt on ModelNet40 (synthetic), ScanObjectNN (real-world), and a recent large-scale, real-world grocery dataset, i.e., 3DGrocery100. In addition, we provide an additional inference strategy of weight averaging the top two checkpoints of PointNeXt to improve classification accuracy. Together with the abovementioned ideas, we gain 0.5 with real-world datasets, ScanObjectNN (hardest variant), 3DGrocery100's Apple10, Fruits, Vegetables, and Packages subsets, respectively. We also achieve a comparable 0.2


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