Load Shaping Based Privacy Protection in Smart Grids: An Overview

by   Cihan Emre Kement, et al.

Fine-grained energy usage data collected by Smart Meters (SM) is one of the key components of the smart grid (SG). While collection of this data enhances efficiency and flexibility of SG, it also poses a serious threat to the privacy of consumers. Through techniques such as nonintrusive appliance load monitoring (NALM), this data can be used to identify the appliances being used, and hence disclose the private life of the consumer. Various methods have been proposed in the literature to preserve the consumer privacy. This paper focuses on load shaping (LS) methods, which alters the consumption data by means of household amenities in order to ensure privacy. An overview of the privacy protection techniques, as well as heuristics of the LS methods, privacy measures, and household amenities used for privacy protection are presented in order to thoroughly analyze the effectiveness and applicability of these methods to smart grid systems. Finally, possible research directions related to privacy protection in smart grids are discussed.



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