Lithium-ion Battery Online Knee Onset Detection by Matrix Profile

by   Kate Qi Zhou, et al.

Lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) degrade slightly until the knee onset, after which the deterioration accelerates to end of life (EOL). The knee onset, which marks the initiation of the accelerated degradation rate, is crucial in providing an early warning of the battery's performance changes. However, there is only limited literature on online knee onset identification. Furthermore, it is good to perform such identification using easily collected measurements. To solve these challenges, an online knee onset identification method is developed by exploiting the temporal information within the discharge data. First, the temporal dynamics embedded in the discharge voltage cycles from the slight degradation stage are extracted by the dynamic time warping. Second, the anomaly is exposed by Matrix Profile during subsequence similarity search. The knee onset is detected when the temporal dynamics of the new cycle exceed the control limit and the profile index indicates a change in regime. Finally, the identified knee onset is utilized to categorize the battery into long-range or short-range categories by its strong correlation with the battery's EOL cycles. With the support of the battery categorization and the training data acquired under the same statistic distribution, the proposed SOH estimation model achieves enhanced estimation results with a root mean squared error as low as 0.22


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