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Linearized trinomials with maximum kernel

by   Paolo Santonastaso, et al.

Linearized polynomials have attracted a lot of attention because of their applications in both geometric and algebraic areas. Let q be a prime power, n be a positive integer and σ be a generator of Gal(𝔽_q^n𝔽_q). In this paper we provide closed formulas for the coefficients of a σ-trinomial f over 𝔽_q^n which ensure that the dimension of the kernel of f equals its σ-degree, that is linearized polynomials with maximum kernel. As a consequence, we present explicit examples of linearized trinomials with maximum kernel and characterize those having σ-degree 3 and 4. Our techniques rely on the tools developed in [22]. Finally, we apply these results to investigate a class of rank metric codes introduced in [8], to construct quasi subfield polynomials and cyclic subspace codes, obtaining new solutions to the conjecture posed in [35].


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