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Lightweight Container-based User Environment

by   Wenzhe Zhang, et al.

Modern operating systems all support multi-users that users could share a computer simultaneously and not affect each other. However, there are some limitations. For example, privacy problem exists that users are visible to each other in terms of running processes and files. Moreover, users have little freedom to customize the system environment. Last, it is a burden for system administrator to safely manage and update system environment while satisfying multiple users. Facing the above problems, this paper proposes CUE, a Lightweight Container-based User Environment. CUE proposes a new notion that stands in between application container and operating system container:user container. CUE is able to give users more flexibility to customize their environment, achieve privacy isolation, and make system update easier and safer. Its goal is to optimize and enhance the multi-user notion of current operating system and being lightweight. Moreover, it is able to facilitate application deployment in high performance clusters. It is currently deployed in NUDT's Tianhe E prototype supercomputer. Experiment results show that it introduces negligible overhead.


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