LightIoT: Lightweight and Secure Communication for Energy-Efficient IoT in Health Informatics

by   Mian Ahmad Jan, et al.

Internet of Things (IoT) is considered as a key enabler of health informatics. IoT-enabled devices are used for in-hospital and in-home patient monitoring to collect and transfer biomedical data pertaining to blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), blood sugar levels, body temperature, etc. Among these devices, wearables have found their presence in a wide range of healthcare applications. These devices generate data in real-time and transmit them to nearby gateways and remote servers for processing and visualization. The data transmitted by these devices are vulnerable to a range of adversarial threats, and as such, privacy and integrity need to be preserved. In this paper, we present LightIoT, a lightweight and secure communication approach for data exchanged among the devices of a healthcare infrastructure. LightIoT operates in three phases: initialization, pairing, and authentication. These phases ensure the reliable transmission of data by establishing secure sessions among the communicating entities (wearables, gateways and a remote server). Statistical results exhibit that our scheme is lightweight, robust, and resilient against a wide range of adversarial attacks and incurs much lower computational and communication overhead for the transmitted data in the presence of existing approaches.



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