Lifted Projective Reed-Solomon Codes

09/04/2018 ∙ by Julien Lavauzelle, et al. ∙ 0

Lifted Reed-Solomon codes, introduced by Guo, Kopparty and Sudan in 2013, are known as one of the few families of high-rate locally correctable codes. They are built through the evaluation over the affine space of multivariate polynomials whose restriction along any affine line can be interpolated as a low degree univariate polynomial. In this work, we give a formal definition of their analogues over projective spaces, and we study some of their parameters and features. Local correcting algorithms are first derived from the very nature of these codes, generalizing the well-known local correcting algorithms for Reed-Muller codes. We also prove that the lifting of both Reed-Solomon and projective Reed-Solomon codes are deeply linked through shortening and puncturing operations. It leads to recursive formulae on their dimension and their monomial bases. We finally emphasize the practicality of lifted projective Reed-Solomon codes by computing their information sets and by providing an implementation of the codes and their local correcting algorithms.



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