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Lifelong Learning of Hate Speech Classification on Social Media

by   Jing Qian, et al.

Existing work on automated hate speech classification assumes that the dataset is fixed and the classes are pre-defined. However, the amount of data in social media increases every day, and the hot topics changes rapidly, requiring the classifiers to be able to continuously adapt to new data without forgetting the previously learned knowledge. This ability, referred to as lifelong learning, is crucial for the real-word application of hate speech classifiers in social media. In this work, we propose lifelong learning of hate speech classification on social media. To alleviate catastrophic forgetting, we propose to use Variational Representation Learning (VRL) along with a memory module based on LB-SOINN (Load-Balancing Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network). Experimentally, we show that combining variational representation learning and the LB-SOINN memory module achieves better performance than the commonly-used lifelong learning techniques.


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