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Library and Information Science Scholarly Journals Publishing Simulation: A Study

by   Priyanka Sinha, et al.

The author's productivity is assessed based on publications, which requires a lot of motivation and time. Manuscripts get through several steps before being accepted and published. The purpose of this paper is to understand the time gap between acceptance to the publication of manuscripts in reputed journals of Library and Information Science. This paper is useful to contemporary researchers for knowing the journal publication duration. In this paper, we discussed the refereed and index journals in the field of library and information science. For this study, we collected the data from six LIS journals which were published from the 2020 January to December Asian region. The study focuses on detailed analyses of journal processing and publishing duration. The major contribution of this study gives the six LIS journal processing time they are: author manuscript submitted to accepted, accepted to published, and submitted to published period.


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