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Leveraging Trajectory Prediction for Pedestrian Video Anomaly Detection

by   Asiegbu Miracle Kanu-Asiegbu, et al.
University of Michigan

Video anomaly detection is a core problem in vision. Correctly detecting and identifying anomalous behaviors in pedestrians from video data will enable safety-critical applications such as surveillance, activity monitoring, and human-robot interaction. In this paper, we propose to leverage trajectory localization and prediction for unsupervised pedestrian anomaly event detection. Different than previous reconstruction-based approaches, our proposed framework rely on the prediction errors of normal and abnormal pedestrian trajectories to detect anomalies spatially and temporally. We present experimental results on real-world benchmark datasets on varying timescales and show that our proposed trajectory-predictor-based anomaly detection pipeline is effective and efficient at identifying anomalous activities of pedestrians in videos. Code will be made available at


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