Leveraging Multi-Connectivity for Multicast Video Streaming

by   Sadaf ul Zuhra, et al.

Multi-connectivity has emerged as a key enabler for providing seamless connectivity in cellular mobile networks. However, its potential for improving the quality of multicast transmissions has remained unexplored. In this paper, we investigate the use of multi-connectivity in wireless multicast streaming. Multi-connectivity can significantly improve the performance of multicast services. It especially benefits the cell edge users who often suffer from poor channel conditions. In this work, we assess the impact of multi-connectivity on the performance of multicast streaming. We propose procedures for establishing multi-connectivity in a multicast system and address the associated resource allocation problem. We prove that the optimal resource allocation problem is NP-hard. We propose a greedy approximation algorithm for this problem and prove that no other polynomial-time algorithm can provide a better approximation. Since video streaming is the primary use case under consideration here, we use traces from actual videos to generate realistic video traffic patterns in our simulations. Our simulation results clearly establish that multi-connectivity results in considerable performance improvement in multicast streaming.


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