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Let Images Give You More:Point Cloud Cross-Modal Training for Shape Analysis

by   Xu Yan, et al.

Although recent point cloud analysis achieves impressive progress, the paradigm of representation learning from a single modality gradually meets its bottleneck. In this work, we take a step towards more discriminative 3D point cloud representation by fully taking advantages of images which inherently contain richer appearance information, e.g., texture, color, and shade. Specifically, this paper introduces a simple but effective point cloud cross-modality training (PointCMT) strategy, which utilizes view-images, i.e., rendered or projected 2D images of the 3D object, to boost point cloud analysis. In practice, to effectively acquire auxiliary knowledge from view images, we develop a teacher-student framework and formulate the cross modal learning as a knowledge distillation problem. PointCMT eliminates the distribution discrepancy between different modalities through novel feature and classifier enhancement criteria and avoids potential negative transfer effectively. Note that PointCMT effectively improves the point-only representation without architecture modification. Sufficient experiments verify significant gains on various datasets using appealing backbones, i.e., equipped with PointCMT, PointNet++ and PointMLP achieve state-of-the-art performance on two benchmarks, i.e., 94.4 respectively. Code will be made available at


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2DPASS: 2D Priors Assisted Semantic Segmentation on LiDAR Point Clouds (ECCV 2022) :fire:

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[NeurIPS2022] Let Images Give You More: Point Cloud Cross-Modal Training for Shape Analysis

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