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Leroy and Blazy were right: their memory model soundness proof is automatable (Extended Version)

by   Pedro Barroso, et al.

Xavier Leroy and Sandrine Blazy in 2007 conducted a formal verification, using the Coq proof assistant, of a memory model for low-level imperative languages such as C. Considering their formalization was performed essentially in first-order logic, one question left open by the authors was whether their proofs could be automated using a verification framework for first-order logic. We took the challenge and automated their formalization using Why3, significantly reducing the proof effort. We systematically followed the Coq proofs and realized that in many cases at around one third of the way Why3 was able to discharge all VCs. Furthermore, the proofs still requiring interactions (e.g. induction, witnesses for existential proofs, assertions) were factorized isolating auxiliary results that we stated explicitly. In this way, we achieved an almost-automatic soundness and safety proof of the memory model. Nonetheless, our development allows an extraction of a correct-by-construction concrete memory model, going thus further than the preliminary Why version of Leroy and Blazy.


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