Legitimization of Data Quality Practices in Health Management Information Systems Using DHIS2. Case of Malawi

08/23/2021 ∙ by Martin Bright Msendma, et al. ∙ 0

Medical doctors consider data quality management a secondary priority when delivering health care. Medical practitioners find data quality management practices intrusive to their operations. Using Health Management Information System (HMIS) that uses DHIS2 platform, our qualitative case study establishes that isomorphism leads to legitimization of data quality management practices among health practitioners and subsequently data quality. This case study employed the methods of observation, semi structured interviews and review of artefacts to explore how through isomorphic processes data quality management practices are legitimized among the stakeholders. Data was collected from Ministry of Health's (Malawi) HMIS Technical Working Group members in Lilongwe and from medical practitioners and data clerks in Thyolo district. From the findings we noted that mimetic isomorphism led to moral and pragmatic legitimacy while and normative isomorphism led to cognitive legitimacy within the HMIS structure and helped to attain correctness and timeliness of the data and reports respectively. Through this understanding we firstly contribute to literature on organizational issues in IS research. Secondly, we contribute to practice as we motivate health service managers to capitalize on isomorphic forces to help legitimization of data quality management practices among health practitioners.



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