Ledgerdata Refiner: A Powerful Ledger Data Query Platform for Hyperledger Fabric

by   Ence Zhou, et al.

Blockchain is one of the most popular distributed ledger technologies. It can solve the trust issue among enterprises. Hyperledger Fabric is a permissioned blockchain aiming at enterprise-grade business applications. However, compared to traditional distributed database solutions, one issue of blockchain based application development is the limited data access. For Fabric, the ledger data can only be retrieved by limited interfaces provided by Fabric SDKs or chaincode. In order to meet the requirements of data query and provide flexible query functions for real applications built on Fabric, this paper proposed a ledger data query platform called Ledgerdata Refiner. With ledger data analysis middleware, we provide sufficient interfaces for users to retrieve block or transaction efficiently. It is also able to track historical operations for any specific state. In addition, schemas of ledger state have been analyzed and clustered, which enable users to perform rich queries against ledger data. Finally, we validate the effectiveness of our query platform on a real application.



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