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Learning to Sample with Local and Global Contexts in Experience Replay Buffer

by   Youngmin Oh, et al.
berkeley college

Experience replay, which enables the agents to remember and reuse experience from the past, plays a significant role in the success of off-policy reinforcement learning (RL). To utilize the experience replay efficiently, experience transitions should be sampled with consideration of their significance, such that the known prioritized experience replay (PER) further allows to sample more important experience. Yet, the conventional PER may result in generating highly biased samples due to considering a single metric such as TD-error and computing the sampling rate independently for each experience. To tackle this issue, we propose a Neural Experience Replay Sampler (NERS), which adaptively evaluates the relative importance of a sampled transition by obtaining context from not only its (local) values that characterize itself such as TD-error or the raw features but also other (global) transitions. We validate our framework on multiple benchmark tasks for both continuous and discrete controls and show that the proposed framework significantly improves the performance of various off-policy RL methods. Further analysis confirms that the improvements indeed come from the use of diverse features and the consideration of the relative importance of experiences.


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