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Learning to Noise: Application-Agnostic Data Sharing with Local Differential Privacy

by   Alex Mansbridge, et al.

In recent years, the collection and sharing of individuals' private data has become commonplace in many industries. Local differential privacy (LDP) is a rigorous approach which uses a randomized algorithm to preserve privacy even from the database administrator, unlike the more standard central differential privacy. For LDP, when applying noise directly to high-dimensional data, the level of noise required all but entirely destroys data utility. In this paper we introduce a novel, application-agnostic privatization mechanism that leverages representation learning to overcome the prohibitive noise requirements of direct methods, while maintaining the strict guarantees of LDP. We further demonstrate that this privatization mechanism can be used to train machine learning algorithms across a range of applications, including private data collection, private novel-class classification, and the augmentation of clean datasets with additional privatized features. We achieve significant gains in performance on downstream classification tasks relative to benchmarks that noise the data directly, which are state-of-the-art in the context of application-agnostic LDP mechanisms for high-dimensional data.


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