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Learning to Borrow – Relation Representation for Without-Mention Entity-Pairs for Knowledge Graph Completion

by   Huda Hakami, et al.
University of Liverpool
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Prior work on integrating text corpora with knowledge graphs (KGs) to improve Knowledge Graph Embedding (KGE) have obtained good performance for entities that co-occur in sentences in text corpora. Such sentences (textual mentions of entity-pairs) are represented as Lexicalised Dependency Paths (LDPs) between two entities. However, it is not possible to represent relations between entities that do not co-occur in a single sentence using LDPs. In this paper, we propose and evaluate several methods to address this problem, where we borrow LDPs from the entity pairs that co-occur in sentences in the corpus (i.e. with mention entity pairs) to represent entity pairs that do not co-occur in any sentence in the corpus (i.e. without mention entity pairs). We propose a supervised borrowing method, SuperBorrow, that learns to score the suitability of an LDP to represent a without-mention entity pair using pre-trained entity embeddings and contextualised LDP representations. Experimental results show that SuperBorrow improves the link prediction performance of multiple widely-used prior KGE methods such as TransE, DistMult, ComplEx and RotatE.


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