Learning to Adapt by Minimizing Discrepancy

by   Alexander G. Ororbia II, et al.

We explore whether useful temporal neural generative models can be learned from sequential data without back-propagation through time. We investigate the viability of a more neurocognitively-grounded approach in the context of unsupervised generative modeling of sequences. Specifically, we build on the concept of predictive coding, which has gained influence in cognitive science, in a neural framework. To do so we develop a novel architecture, the Temporal Neural Coding Network, and its learning algorithm, Discrepancy Reduction. The underlying directed generative model is fully recurrent, meaning that it employs structural feedback connections and temporal feedback connections, yielding information propagation cycles that create local learning signals. This facilitates a unified bottom-up and top-down approach for information transfer inside the architecture. Our proposed algorithm shows promise on the bouncing balls generative modeling problem. Further experiments could be conducted to explore the strengths and weaknesses of our approach.


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