Learning Oracle Attention for High-fidelity Face Completion

by   Tong Zhou, et al.

High-fidelity face completion is a challenging task due to the rich and subtle facial textures involved. What makes it more complicated is the correlations between different facial components, for example, the symmetry in texture and structure between both eyes. While recent works adopted the attention mechanism to learn the contextual relations among elements of the face, they have largely overlooked the disastrous impacts of inaccurate attention scores; in addition, they fail to pay sufficient attention to key facial components, the completion results of which largely determine the authenticity of a face image. Accordingly, in this paper, we design a comprehensive framework for face completion based on the U-Net structure. Specifically, we propose a dual spatial attention module to efficiently learn the correlations between facial textures at multiple scales; moreover, we provide an oracle supervision signal to the attention module to ensure that the obtained attention scores are reasonable. Furthermore, we take the location of the facial components as prior knowledge and impose a multi-discriminator on these regions, with which the fidelity of facial components is significantly promoted. Extensive experiments on two high-resolution face datasets including CelebA-HQ and Flickr-Faces-HQ demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-the-art methods by large margins.


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