Learning of Art Style Using AI and Its Evaluation Based on Psychological Experiments

by   Mai Cong Hung, et al.

GANs (Generative adversarial networks) is a new AI technology that can perform deep learning with less training data and has the capability of achieving transformation between two image sets. Using GAN we have carried out a comparison between several art sets with different art style. We have prepared several image sets; a flower photo set (A), an art image set (B1) of Impressionism drawings, an art image set of abstract paintings (B2), an art image set of Chinese figurative paintings, (B3), and an art image set of abstract images (B4) created by Naoko Tosa, one of the authors. Transformation between set A to each of B was carried out using GAN and four image sets (B1, B2, B3, B4) was obtained. Using these four image sets we have carried out psychological experiment by asking subjects consisting of 23 students to fill in questionnaires. By analyzing the obtained questionnaires, we have found the followings. Abstract drawings and figurative drawings are clearly judged to be different. Figurative drawings in West and East were judged to be similar. Abstract images by Naoko Tosa were judged as similar to Western abstract images. These results show that AI could be used as an analysis tool to reveal differences between art genres.


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