Learning Diverse Fashion Collocation by Neural Graph Filtering

by   Xin Liu, et al.

Fashion recommendation systems are highly desired by customers to find visually-collocated fashion items, such as clothes, shoes, bags, etc. While existing methods demonstrate promising results, they remain lacking in flexibility and diversity, e.g. assuming a fixed number of items or favoring safe but boring recommendations. In this paper, we propose a novel fashion collocation framework, Neural Graph Filtering, that models a flexible set of fashion items via a graph neural network. Specifically, we consider the visual embeddings of each garment as a node in the graph, and describe the inter-garment relationship as the edge between nodes. By applying symmetric operations on the edge vectors, this framework allows varying numbers of inputs/outputs and is invariant to their ordering. We further include a style classifier augmented with focal loss to enable the collocation of significantly diverse styles, which are inherently imbalanced in the training set. To facilitate a comprehensive study on diverse fashion collocation, we reorganize Amazon Fashion dataset with carefully designed evaluation protocols. We evaluate the proposed approach on three popular benchmarks, the Polyvore dataset, the Polyvore-D dataset, and our reorganized Amazon Fashion dataset. Extensive experimental results show that our approach significantly outperforms the state-of-the-art methods with over 10 metric on the established tasks. More importantly, 82.5 our diverse-style recommendations over other alternatives in a real-world perception study.


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