Learning Based Task Offloading in Digital Twin Empowered Internet of Vehicles

by   Jinkai Zheng, et al.

Mobile edge computing has become an effective and fundamental paradigm for futuristic autonomous vehicles to offload computing tasks. However, due to the high mobility of vehicles, the dynamics of the wireless conditions, and the uncertainty of the arrival computing tasks, it is difficult for a single vehicle to determine the optimal offloading strategy. In this paper, we propose a Digital Twin (DT) empowered task offloading framework for Internet of Vehicles. As a software agent residing in the cloud, a DT can obtain both global network information by using communications among DTs, and historical information of a vehicle by using the communications within the twin. The global network information and historical vehicular information can significantly facilitate the offloading. In specific, to preserve the precious computing resource at different levels for most appropriate computing tasks, we integrate a learning scheme based on the prediction of futuristic computing tasks in DT. Accordingly, we model the offloading scheduling process as a Markov Decision Process (MDP) to minimize the long-term cost in terms of a trade off between task latency, energy consumption, and renting cost of clouds. Simulation results demonstrate that our algorithm can effectively find the optimal offloading strategy, as well as achieve the fast convergence speed and high performance, compared with other existing approaches.


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