Learning-based Application-Agnostic 3D NoC Design for Heterogeneous Manycore Systems

by   Biresh Kumar Joardar, et al.

The rising use of deep learning and other big-data algorithms has led to an increasing demand for hardware platforms that are computationally powerful, yet energy-efficient. Due to the amount of data parallelism in these algorithms, high-performance 3D manycore platforms that incorporate both CPUs and GPUs present a promising direction. However, as systems use heterogeneity (e.g., a combination of CPUs, GPUs, and accelerators) to improve performance and efficiency, it becomes more pertinent to address the distinct and likely conflicting communication requirements (e.g., CPU memory access latency or GPU network throughput) that arise from such heterogeneity. Unfortunately, it is difficult to quickly explore the hardware design space and choose appropriate tradeoffs between these heterogeneous requirements. To address these challenges, we propose the design of a 3D Network-on-Chip (NoC) for heterogeneous manycore platforms that considers the appropriate design objectives for a 3D heterogeneous system and explores various tradeoffs using an efficient ML-based multi-objective optimization technique. The proposed design space exploration considers the various requirements of its heterogeneous components and generates a set of 3D NoC architectures that efficiently trades off these design objectives. Our findings show that by jointly considering these requirements (latency, throughput, temperature, and energy), we can achieve 9.6 iso-temperature conditions when compared to a thermally-optimized design for 3D heterogeneous NoCs. More importantly, our results suggest that our 3D NoCs optimized for a few applications can be generalized for unknown applications as well. Our results show that these generalized 3D NoCs only incur a 1.8 (36-tile system) and 1.1 application-specific NoCs.



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