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Learning and Generalisation of Primitives Skills Towards Robust Dual-arm Manipulation

by   Èric Pairet, et al.
Heriot-Watt University

Robots are becoming a vital ingredient in society. Some of their daily tasks require dual-arm manipulation skills in the rapidly changing, dynamic and unpredictable real-world environments where they have to operate. Given the expertise of humans in conducting these activities, it is natural to study humans' motions to use the resulting knowledge in robotic control. With this in mind, this work leverages human knowledge to formulate a more general, real-time, and less task-specific framework for dual-arm manipulation. The proposed framework is evaluated on the iCub humanoid robot and several synthetic experiments, by conducting a dual-arm pick-and-place task of a parcel in the presence of unexpected obstacles. Results suggest the suitability of the method towards robust and generalisable dual-arm manipulation.


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