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Learn Spelling from Teachers: Transferring Knowledge from Language Models to Sequence-to-Sequence Speech Recognition

by   Ye Bai, et al.

Integrating an external language model into a sequence-to-sequence speech recognition system is non-trivial. Previous works utilize linear interpolation or a fusion network to integrate external language models. However, these approaches introduce external components, and increase decoding computation. In this paper, we instead propose a knowledge distillation based training approach to integrating external language models into a sequence-to-sequence model. A recurrent neural network language model, which is trained on large scale external text, generates soft labels to guide the sequence-to-sequence model training. Thus, the language model plays the role of the teacher. This approach does not add any external component to the sequence-to-sequence model during testing. And this approach is flexible to be combined with shallow fusion technique together for decoding. The experiments are conducted on public Chinese datasets AISHELL-1 and CLMAD. Our approach achieves a character error rate of 9.3 sequence-to-sequence model.


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