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Leaf Image-based Plant Disease Identification using Color and Texture Features

by   Nisar Ahmed, et al.

Identification of plant disease is usually done through visual inspection or during laboratory examination which causes delays resulting in yield loss by the time identification is complete. On the other hand, complex deep learning models perform the task with reasonable performance but due to their large size and high computational requirements, they are not suited to mobile and handheld devices. Our proposed approach contributes automated identification of plant diseases which follows a sequence of steps involving pre-processing, segmentation of diseased leaf area, calculation of features based on the Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM), feature selection and classification. In this study, six color features and twenty-two texture features have been calculated. Support vector machines is used to perform one-vs-one classification of plant disease. The proposed model of disease identification provides an accuracy of 98.79 cross-validation. The accuracy on a self-collected dataset is 82.47 disease identification and 91.40 reported performance measures are better or comparable to the existing approaches and highest among the feature-based methods, presenting it as the most suitable method to automated leaf-based plant disease identification. This prototype system can be extended by adding more disease categories or targeting specific crop or disease categories.


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