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LEAD: LiDAR Extender for Autonomous Driving

by   Jianing Zhang, et al.

3D perception using sensors under vehicle industrial standard is the rigid demand in autonomous driving. MEMS LiDAR emerges with irresistible trend due to its lower cost, more robust, and meeting the mass-production standards. However, it suffers small field of view (FoV), slowing down the step of its population. In this paper, we propose LEAD, i.e., LiDAR Extender for Autonomous Driving, to extend the MEMS LiDAR by coupled image w.r.t both FoV and range. We propose a multi-stage propagation strategy based on depth distributions and uncertainty map, which shows effective propagation ability. Moreover, our depth outpainting/propagation network follows a teacher-student training fashion, which transfers depth estimation ability to depth completion network without any scale error passed. To validate the LiDAR extension quality, we utilize a high-precise laser scanner to generate a ground-truth dataset. Quantitative and qualitative evaluations show that our scheme outperforms SOTAs with a large margin. We believe the proposed LEAD along with the dataset would benefit the community w.r.t depth researches.


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